Azimo 222 is able to cut, hem and sew precisely both of the long edges of the fabric up to 20 meters per minute with 3 stitches per centimeter through Pegasus double chain stitch headstyles.The density of the stitch can be adjustable easily. 

Azimo 222 machine is controlled through HMI touch screen. And all data can be reached by HMI. 

Machine Speed 

Sewing speed is infinitely adjusted from 0 to 20 m/minute maximum by the use of a potentiometer. The maximum speed can be adjusted based on fabric qualities. 

Centering Device 

The device, controlled by photocells, leads the fabric into the center of the trimming and sewing station. 

Transfer Unit 

It provides transfer the roll of fabric or spreading cloth which is prepared to stitch into the machine. 

Pulling System 

Azimo 222 has two independent edge pulling systems.  

The systems enable to fold properly by pulling the edge of the fabric in the hemming system.  

The speed of the systems can be controlled electronically as well as manually under the circumstances that any different tension between right and left edges. 

Pile and Edge Control System 

The system, which operates independently, provides to enter the fabric into the machine in an exact position.  

Trimming Device

Each knife works independently, via three phase motor. The knives cut accurately not only single threads but also complete fabric strips. 

Quality of Hemming and Stitching 

Terry fabric on the machine places precisely via control of loops and edge photocells.  

The trimming device cuts the excesses of edge and standardize the size for hemming and stitching. 

Hemming system enables standardized towel to fold three times smoothly regardless of edge thickness or towel border. 

A 7 - 8 mm hem can be processed, depending on fabric quality, with a minimum 24 mm plain fabric selvedge. 

Long terry piles are turned away during hemming and stitching with a special mechanical system, so that the piles do not get under the stitches. 

Stitching system stitches towel fabric in the best possible way. 

Vacuum Device 

The single threads as well as complete fabric strips can be removed with Azimo vacuum device, with a capacity of 90 liters.  


The spreading cloth is maximum 150 cm. The output of fabric from the machine is stocked by spreading.  

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