Azimo 333 is able to cut towel fabric with any thickness regardless of border or pile thickness. 

Azimo 333 machine is controlled through HMI touch screen, and all the data can be reached by HMI. 

Fabric operation with edge photocell control system provides to keep cutting line in the same direction. 

The spiral bandaged roller which is designed specially, provides fabric to be opened in width and tighten fabric. 

If requested, the machine can be stopped when joint comes before entering the knife, thus defected cutting is prevented. 

The cutting speed can be changed between 0 - 30 m/min. by potentiometer. 

The machine has the highest productivity and sensibility. 

As Azimo 333 is controlled by PLC, as soon as product is entered into the machine every stage is check through by the computer. Further, there is a whole electronic control in the machine.  

Azimo 333 triple phased rigged motor knives are produced specially, thus there is no thread that wrapped around during the cutting and the machine does not keep any dust on. Moreover, the knives are designed against the accidents with its own special protection system.  
There is no need to stop-pull out the machine in order to sharpen the knives. 

J-Box reservoir enables to stock the towels that is not cut yet, so that the machine work non-stop. This leads to increase the productivity.  


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