Azimo 454 automatic cross cutting machine is able to cut short edges of towel fabric in the most reliable and fastest way. 

The two different kinds of towel fabric with a different sizes can be cut at the same time.  

Cutting is done by a circular knife working in two directions. 

Towel length can be fixed pulling by nippers. 

The alignment system enables towel to carry straight to the cutting line.  

The special designed photocell system can be controlled electronically before cutting in order to prevent the defective cutting. If fabric cutting line is not take place on target, the machine automatically stops the process, so that no fault is occurred.  

The towels are deposited in stacks on the transport band by the transport nippers. Stacks are automatically moved out of the installation when it reaches the indicated number of pieces.  

All of the variable data is input into HMI and every dimensions can be adjusted automatically. 

Input of fabric from stack up is 150 cm height.  


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